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<h1><center><span class="glow">Philippines And Vietnam</h1></center></span>
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<span class="glow" style="text-decoration: none; color:white;font-family:black ops one;font-size:35px;text-shadow:#000 0px 0px 5px">Message To China:</span></a></center><hr>
    <center><span style="color:#fff;font-family:Orbitron;text-shadow:black 0px 0px 3px"><p><b>
Greetings Chinese Government And The People Of China<br>
We Are The United Hackers of The Philippines And Vietnam<br>
We Are Here Standing As One<br>
We've Come To Protest Against Your Unjust Actions over the South China Sea<br>
Your Alleged Claim On Maritime Territories,<br>
And Your Oppressive Acts Has To Stop!<br>
This Can No Longer Be Tolerated<br>
Consider This As A Warning<br>
We Will Be Back.<br>
Government Of China<br>
Expect Us!<br>
<center><div z-index: 9999; opacity: 5;">
   <td><span class="max">#OpChina<span class="gaya"><br>