The best hosting company Ten points to consider

The best hosting company Ten points to consider

There are a large number of companies on the internet that offer web hosting services both free and paid web hosting. Sometimes their offers look extremely confusing. Everyone offers a lot of features as well as few restrictions. There are some factors that you need to consider before you trust your hosting company. What are these factors and how to check each of them will be discussed below. But before that, I have to tell you how important the webhotel is when it comes to your online presence.

In short, a web hosting company is a company that offers space and bandwidth to publish your website on the internet. A good host must be technically sound and reliable to keep your website online for the most part. Your website is your online signature, if its down, your credibility will be threatened and youre bound to lose visitors. Then you must be extremely careful when selecting the hosting company.

Now lets discuss the factors to consider:

1 Web Hosting References:

You must do a whois search for the domain register of your web host. You should see the registrants contact name, address, email address and phone number. Note them, try to find out if they are filled with junk data, and if you can not trust that information simply switch to another hosting company.

2 Durability:

Sustainability is a big issue especially for the new or cheap web hotel. So in Whois look up you should check when the domain name was registered for the first time. To run a successful hosting company requires the experience and expertise of the web hosting companies. So, the older the better.

3 Web Hosting Reliability:

When it comes to hosting companies, you need to figure out how much trust they are in terms of their uptime for the server. A close 100% uptime is a clear indication of their reliability.

4 Features they offer:

As far as the features are concerned, you must know the space and bandwidth offered by the hosting company on each level at the bottom line. It must be enough to meet your requirements. A word of caution do not rely on statements like unlimited space and bandwidth, as such statements hardly have any realistic reason. In addition to space and bandwidth, check the number of email accounts offered, the number of subdomains allowed, Webmail, Scripting and Programming support, for example MySQL PHP ASP supports, availability of preinstalled scripts, etc.

5 Support and Services:

You must be sure if web hosting providers can provide you with reliable support, how quickly the support staff will answer your questions. You can check it yourself by asking simple questions to the support staff.

6 Cheap is not the best:

In the web hosting industry, cheap is not always the best. Cheap web hosting is usually affected by sustainability issues. They offer good service and support to start with but most of the time stop working in the middle of the road and put you in deep trouble.

7 Learn about the limitations:

Take a careful look at the restrictions the company puts on their web hosting. Some of them may be very important for your websites to work smoothly. Restrictions for .htaccess, SSH, MX Records, MySQL storage capacity are not very rare.

8 Read Reviews: There are many websites on the internet that offer reviews on the quality of web hosting provided by different companies some of them offer price comparison as well. So, its better to carefully review them before making a final decision.

9 Discuss in forum:

Once you have decided to go with a web host, as a final checkpoint, discuss the matter in different popular forums. You are most likely to get some informative answers about the standard of services that your would be hosting company today offer.

10 Payments Go to monthly plan:

Its better to go to a monthly plan to start with a new host. The monthly plan often costs you more than a quarterly or annual plan, but its still better to start with it. Most web hosts are flexible when it comes to upgrading downgrading plans later, so you can do it without major issues depending on your needs and performance.

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